The American Solution, A Profitable Decision.

Many of us are familiar with the anxious unsettling thought of your world falling apart, that gut drop right before the earth crumbles under your feet. One can feel this way before taking a test or if you live in Butte Montana, where a bray of sinkholes nips at the townsfolk. This problem arose after a mining company moved out, leaving the gold and silver striped mine to sit under the town. Making it one of the many problems to come with new mining technologies, such as hydraulic mining, that allowed miners to go deeper and harvest harder minerals. Another new technology that came with hydraulic mining was a ventilation and cooling system to allowed people to work at that depth. It wasn’t perfect for in Timothy Lecain’s article Mass Destruction, he talks about a miner working in those very tunnels who made a journal entry saying that the extream heat made him physically ill, “Ironically, he was later killed by his sleeve getting caught in a ventilation blower”(Lecain, 37).

From the article Zombie Mines, I quite enjoyed Sandlos and keeling’s example from 101 things to do with a hole in the ground, to make the mine into a lounge with its own wine cellar. Though I firmly believe there is no quick solution, even with all the money in the world, to clean up all the pollution coming from these mines. However, my solution to anything capitalism, anything corporation, or anything human is to simply make it profitable to do. In America, we love our tax cuts and hate our tax rates, Using this has been done before in many ways on companies, like when a one sponsors a non-profit charity or holds its self to higher standards for the greater good of the people, they profit. This is no different and I’m sure not to be the first one to say it, the real problem is passing that law and getting companies on board but if it does, it will clean up the mining system all throughout its process and hopefully prevent new pollution sights from starting.

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  1. First, I love the immediate roast on Butte. I thought bringing up his death was a nice touch that put some dark humor in your blog and made it an easy read. I agree that humans in simple terms are all about money and power. Unfortunately, this is also true with precious metals and the tools that were used to get these metals. It’s good to learn about the past and how mines have had such an impact on technology. As well as the impact on human life, both then and now.

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