Technology: Problem Solver or Problem Maker?

  1. I think Johnston would say that technological fixes are radical and not necessary to solve social problems. I think we would be very against Douthwaite and be very open to voice his opinion. The Huesemann’s are really against using technology to solve social and environmental problems. I think they would not like Douthwaite’s opinion and critque him on the flaws of technology and give him facts on how technology has ruined social and environmental life.
  2. Unfortunately no one can have the benefits of using technology without the huge cost of using it. First off the price of any technological device does not come cheap, then you have to replace that device every couple of years because the devices only have a specific life span. No, I don’t think unintended consequences should keep us from solving SOME problems, because although technology is expensive and can’t solve all problems, it can solve some.

1 thought on “Technology: Problem Solver or Problem Maker?”

  1. Technology is a super widespread term these days. I agree with you in the sense that technology come with a cost but, the cost is not always as substantial as one may think. Staying updated with all the new gadgets such as phones and computers does take a serious toll on your bank account. However, the smaller technological advances that go somewhat unnoticed to the common person are paving the way for society to grow and be a safer place. For example, breathalyzers in cars are preventing drunk drivers from getting on the road. Everyone may not have a breathalyzer in their car but for those who do is makes a difference.

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