Technology Makes the World go around!

Starting off with Johnson, he says,”While the notion of the technological fix is straightforward to explain, tracing its circulation in culture is more difficult. One way to track the currency of a concept is via phrase-usage statistics. The invention and popularity of new terms can reveal new topics and discourse” (Johnston, pg. 48).  What he is advocating is that we start to really use Google N-Gram analysis to record language use over a a given time.  These records also analyze many different languages over different regions.  Johnston really breaks down what he thinks by offering up that we track across a wide variety of languages because some languages have limited usages than others such as English.  By connecting with others we are socially connecting.  This is his ultimate goal.  Huesemann & Huesemann has another take on the issue.  He states that we live in a very complex world that has lots of details that go along with it.  Huesemann & Huesemann states early on that, Everything is connected to Everything” (Huesemann & Huesemann, pg. 3).  His main go to claim is that even though the environment is made up of many components and process, everything is derived from the same cosmos.  We are all linked together through cause and effect among all of us.

Technological fixes to social and environmental systems are unnatural in my opinion.  Unknown consequences can come about when we use too much artificial intelligence.  An example is robots in the future.  If we have robots take human jobs than we are taking the human element out of a lot of stuff.  Unintended consequences should not prevent us from finding solutions.  We need to be always upgrading our methods and ideas.  If something doesn’t work in the future than we need to adjust.