Surviving Change

The environmental problems currently affecting the Bitterroot Valley include; poor air quality, toxic wastes, forest deterioration, loss of soil nutrients, damage from introduced pest species and climate change. The majority of these problems have been impacted greatly by the advancement of technology over the past several generations. This creates a historical reference that others should examine to try and avoid similar problems. As we see the impacts of years of improperly maintained environmental processes we can develop a better understanding of why these particular events are happening. Mining and logging companies should use this experience to design more environmentally friendly procedures to help maintain ecosystems for future generations.

I think the Bitterroot valley is a good example of the impacts of environmental issues that the world is facing. Although some issues are more extreme in other areas of the world the Bitterroots quantity of problems is quite alarming. This dangerous mix shows that if people are not careful with the environment, degradation will affect many species of animals and us. This impact concerns not only an individual’s health but also the health of a community. Instead of joining forces to combat the problems, some people have resorted to finger pointing and blaming the problems on others. Even if an individual or company leaves there messes to others a community needs to come together to fight the problem. In the Bitterroot valley, now more than ever, people need to join forces to try and slow or reverse the environmental issues that are plaguing the area.

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  1. Tyler, I agree with you that the Bitterroot Valley is a good example of the impacts of environmental issues around the world. And I also do agree that while there are more extreme issues in other parts of the world, we should be aware of the ones that Montana and the Bitterroot Valley face. I think what you said about people not being careful with the environment and therefore being affected by it in the future is a good example of the socio-trophic cascade that we discussed in class. If one problem occurs and we aren’t aware, it could create a chain reaction of problems.

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