Some People Suck


In my opinion, I really enjoyed reading and researching about this topic because I will be using this as my product for the discussion in my webinar. The extent of the damage caused by humankind to the environment is growing more every day. This is not a new issue; however, this issue has grown so far out of proportion that humankind is forced to play a game of catch up. The damage caused by human kind hundreds of years ago is still being atoned for and we as a society are also trying to focus on a clean and healthy environment for the future. Humans now realize the damage we caused and continue to cause so much so that we are now considered as an environmental factor. It is mind boggling to me that humans as a creature of this earth evolved to a near god like status above nature rising to the top only to turn around and damage the earth that bore the fruit of our success. I would have to vote yes, anthropocene is a real issue and should be included on the geological time scale. Humans as a collective group of people have done so much wrong to the environment, the damage we cause will always be a factor.

Some people just suck is the most clear and honest reason I can give. Some people only really care about certain issues that pertain to them; although, climate damage affects everyone on earth some individuals choose what worry about. It is easy to make an issue impersonal and to ignore the facts of the matter. To overcome this impersonalization, scientists like Whitlock went to communities showed the impacts of climate change. The conversation of climate change requires a personal connection with communities. Ensuring a strong recycling system as accessible to everyone and easy to use will motivate use. Also by showing the importance of recycling allows for all people to make a difference.

2 thoughts on “Some People Suck”

  1. I enjoyed your bog but I am not going to lie I choose you because of you title. Its just fantastic! The catch up game were in I think personally is just a doomed ides, as humans catching up pushes what we do in a amout of time. I dont think we could ever catch up because we cant push time in that way. Cramming texhno fixes and society changes, all while trying to connect on a personal level for me is unrealistic. Human are at the top of the food chain sadly and because of that we get a sense of entitlement to do what we want, when we want. I feel that connecting on a personal level is the only way we will see progressive change in big numbers. Climate change has been around for a while but we dont care becuase it hasnt personally effected us yet.

  2. Seamus-
    I really liked your blog and the title caught my eye. I agree with you, some people really are stupid and they choose not to worry about our planet. If you know the facts, then it is up to you to change your lifestyle or research how you can help. It is a choice. Some people really are too selfish or stupid to acknowledge what is happening to the planet and they would rather continue to harm the planet because it is more convenient for them. I think it will be nearly impossible to get everyone to agree that climate change is a problem, that we need to fix. Some people may just completely deny it, or think it is a good thing, or just refuse to take responsibility. That is the scariest part for me. I feel like there is almost nothing I can do even if I do everything in my power to make a difference, it doesn’t seem like enough.

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