Science Empire and Capitalism but also Religion

The link between capitalism, empire, and science is described well in the Harari text. His main description is that these three things combined brought us together as one large worldwide society (Harari, p. 237). Within this text I appreciate that Harari also describes the role that religion played in the development and unification of societies we have today. Religion allowed the growth of science to occur by bringing together societies and allowing the search for truth. It combined the belief in religion and the search for understanding it, and was rooted in the preparation for Christ.  Within the Harari text, he credits the growth of Europe over other areas to modern science, and capitalism (Harari, p.282). These ideas interlacing led to an unlimited number of technological advances. While this all stemmed from the original cognitive and agricultural revolutions, they were only possible due to the growth and merging of capitalism and science and empire. These three things together provided many brains working together and allowed for growth. Capitalism was important because it dominated the world and only allowed for capitalism throughout (Harari, p.333).

An interesting aspect of the Harari book comes from his take on the industrial revolution. He describes it as homo sapiens turning the blue and green planet into a concrete and plastic shopping center (Harari, pg. 350) This is important, because homo sapiens have taken the planet and made it their own. The industrial revolution took away our dependence on the surrounding ecosystem (Harari, pg. 350). But, it allowed us to take advantage of the entire ecosystem. While these technological advancements have certainly helped humanity, they have harmed the planet, which may, in turn, harm us as well. These ideas are important for our future, as more animals and species go extinct, we have to wonder when it may be our turn.

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  1. I also appreciate how Harari describes religion as a major role in the development of society. The search for truth pushed humankind forward to ask and find the answers that they were looking for. A lot of questions were surrounding peoples minds during that time. Humankind wanted to understand it all. I also agree with the point about the industrial revolution turning the planet into a toxic shopping center. With technological advancements we have gained knowledge but also harmed our selves in the process. Great blog!

  2. I also agree with you on the fact that I like that Harari included the piece about religion his book. I liked this because you wouldn’t really think that science and religion work so closely together. Usually when I think of religion and science I think of them feuding more than working together.

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