Revolution Brought us to the top and the World to the Bottom

Harari argues that the Cognitive and Agricultural Revolutions are the base of civilization today and for good reason. The Cognitive revolution is where humans begin to think more, use natural selection to help make their tribe or people stronger and smarter with every action they do. An example of where this happens is in “Sapiens” when Harari has written about a tribe who killed the elderly, special and weak. It was also stated that this was one of the happiest, healthiest and closest people throughout history and the world. The Agricultural revolution was when man started to focus more on farming plants and domestication all different types of animals compared to their old ways of hunting and gathering. They started to use cows for milk and horses for hunting and traveling and growing their own foods such as beans, lentils, and grapes. Both of these revolutions started to build to where we are as humans today.

Harari explained that homo sapiens became dominant by using their brains and figuring out different tools to use such as wood and stone tools, to eventually figuring out fire. There where pacific coastal people who started to use boats rather than just swimming, they were able to be safer and get to farther places. I think his arguments are valid and persuasive, he allows you to understand how humans evolved and made it to the top of the food chain and even killed off many specials with human expansion. From everything I have read from Harari I haven’t been skeptical because a lot of what he wrote I have researched on my own and agree the same reasons, I feel we became dominate by our use of tools and the need for brains not brawn.

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  1. Good summary of the Cognitive and Agricultural Revolution although I think it’s important to mention that it allowed us to form large tribes and groups which were the precursors to modern society. There is a strength in numbers and a strength in being able to complexly communicate with one another. I couldn’t agree more about humans beginning to rely on their mind. That is potentially the decisive factor in Homo Sapiens becoming the dominant species. Both the agricultural and cognitive revolution are the key turning points.

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