Progress and its connection to all parts of the empire

Science, empire and Capitalism are all closely linked together because they all work together to progress and better the empire. These are linked together because science and empire work hand in hand to create new technologies that benefit the empire. These progressions usually come from attempted military advancements. Capitalism is linked in here because capitalism also can create more scientific breakthroughs. Capitalism also benefits the empire because the more power within the economy, the more powerful the empire. According to Harari many technological breakthroughs come from defense sector of an empire because they are trying to strengthen themselves. An example of a discovery that was shaped by fiscal and political interests is the use of nuclear power. Nuclear power was originally used for political interests and building a stronger military. After awhile of focusing on exclusively military uses, people began to use it as a power source. This shift created a cheaper and more effective power source. Nuclear technology is still used as a political factor with nuclear weapons, but it is also being used fiscally as a power source.

I agree with Harari’s argument that progress plays a pivotal role in the linkage between capitalism, empire and science. Progress in the scientific world creates progress for the empire because it means the empire is more technologically advanced. Capitalism and science are connected because in capitalism there is a sense of competition between groups and companies which leads to more scientific breakthroughs and progress. I believe that progress in any three of these areas benefits the other two.

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  1. The cycle doesn’t always begin with a state pouring money into a concept that will hopefully benefit or give them an advantage. Science can start, and the person or people behind it become incredibly wealthy. Capitalism can skip interference by the state entirely, with individual capitalists creating profit on their own, or move to another, more profitable, state. Science backs up capitalism by creating newer, cheaper, and more efficient. The state is present to ensure the capitalism does not fail, and to enact and enforce laws that maintain and improve the cycle. My point is while your response adequately summarizes Harari’s thinking, it seems that you failed to do any of your own. The cycle does not work as efficiently as it seems. With improvements in technology, we may reach maximum efficiency. Until that point in time, I visualize the arrows in the cycle as wavy, with the bumps symbolizing problems and failures.

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