People Need People’s Approval to Introduce a New Topic

When it comes to the International Commission on Stratigraphy deciding on formally adoption the Anthropocene epoch to the geological time scale I would most defiantly vote to accept the proposition of adding Anthropocene epoch to the geological calendar. I feel that it should begin as soon as soon as possible, the immediate action could help mankind see that we are the ones screwing up the world and climate and the world as a whole would be able to fix the problem that stated with us. “Unlimited ‘toilet-mother’, capable of absorbing our toxic products to infinity” (Malm, 2). The quote has evidence that ever since humans saw that their waste (Feces and Urine) would be absorbed by mother earth with no consequences, this is what human kind still sees today. Malm stated that humans after all of the time on this planet see that earth will absorb all waste but that is a completely wrong thought, the earth has increased temperatures and seen great amounts of extinction due to humans and their carelessness with waste.

Humans need a sense of belonging and fitting in some sort of way and we will go to any lengths to fit in and be appreciated by someone or some group. This sense of belonging stops us from finding out how to remediate climate change because it is not something thought of, or believed by the masses which turns off the rest of the people from learning or caring. The way Cathy Whitlock addressed solutions was by using examples that are close to their loved ones or their own well being which is enough to convince a person that something is bad. My idea is same as the Dr’s and that is to make it close to their hearts, making them care more about what is truly going on.

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  1. I definitely agree with you in your post. You made a lot of compelling points both about the induction of the Anthropocene and how we should reach those who don’t understand or believe in climate change. I too agree that we must adopt the Anthropocene epoch to the geological time scale. Having a distinctive time period for the dramatic changes we are seeing might make it more evident in the academic community that we as humans are responsible for the change. I also agree that the only way to convince doubters of climate change is to hit them where it matters, their heart and emotions. When people are directly impacted by the effects of climate change they are much more likely to see the truth of the matter. You did a great job explaining this and tying in Dr. Whitlock’s work on this subject.

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