Our world is dying, and people are ok with that (apparently)

We have been hearing about the catastrophic implications of global warming for a long time now. Lots of law and legislation has been passed to help reduce emissions globally. Much of the legislation created seems like just a filler though. While any reduction of emissions is a good thing, and a step in the right direction, It is spelled out clearly in the IPCC readings that they are not enough. There may be socio-technological fixes to our planet’s problem, but I think it would be difficult to get them deployed before 2040. The way politics work in America acts as a filter for any radical movement from either side of the political spectrum, and the movement needed to stop our current trajectory may be too far-fetched to pass that filter.


If anything, I think that the infancy of climate science should show how important it is. For there to be enough change since we began researching global warming and our environment to be considered dangerous to us and our children, is all the evidence needed to know how bad things really are. Each year we hear the same things from scientists involved with the IPCC and NASA, yet things do not change.