Global Warming, What Can we do About it?

  1. Techno-fixes can acknowledge the companies and factories that give off all the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. From there they can come up with a way to lessen the emissions of greenhouse gases. From the previous readings about the state of the socio-techno fixes I don’t believe that any of them can be employed at or in this timeframe. Let’s say it could be achieved, I think if scientists could come up with an effective techno fix that isn’t another harmful thing to the environment then it is possible to find a techno fix that can solve our global warming problem.
  2. Honestly I really think that it is a false statement. From the readings this week I believe that climate science has been around for a very long time, but it has been underrated and overlooked for as long as it’s been a science. It wasn’t the same as it is now, since now it’s more advanced because we have more advanced technology than back when climate science first started.