Our Ideas Are Always Evolving


The most difficult aspect of proving the Theory of Evolution through Natural Selection is that all species are still developing and evolving to this day. This allows skeptics of the Theory of Evolution to potentially point out that it is impossible to look at this theory with unbiased opinion if it is still in the process of undergoing change. I found his argument about flower color quite compelling yet somewhat difficult to follow. I believe the general point he is trying to illustrate is why consider the two different colored flowers the same genus if the are not only different colors but also clearly different species as well. His answer to this question is Evolution through Natural Selection. Again, it is not that I found his piece on flower petal color non-convincing, I just had a difficult time following what he meant. “Why, for instance, should the color of a flower be more likely to vary in any one species of a genus, if the other species, supposed to have been created independently, have differently colored flowers, than if all the species of the genus have the same colored flowers?” (Darwin)

The argument I like the most that Charles Darwin used was his argument of similarity. He argues here that there is simply too similar a connection between certain animal species that don’t look anything alike. Why would bats and porpoises have anything in common? They certainly don’t look even remotely slightly similar… Even though they don’t have any obvious similar external and physical surface level traits, they must be connected by a common ancestor because their biological make up and basic building blocks for life share so many key similarities.  “The framework of bones being the same in the hand of a man, wing of a bat, fin of the porpoise, and leg of the horse.” (Darwin) Darwin had a monumental task set ahead of him when he tried to alter the beliefs of millions of people about the world they live in and this came during a time of strong religious beliefs as well. I think he did a very good job of stating his case and he mostly used relatable and relatively simple examples to do so.