Next Celebrity Couple; Science and Politics?

  1. Science is powerful and ever changing. It’s also funded by the government. Since the government controls science and the funding of science, they choose what can be invented and given to the public. It’s also why most scientific breakthroughs come from the Department of Defence. Then they earn hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the breakthroughs. Thanks to Professor Alec Jefferys, we can now get DNA from a person’s fingerprint. Now it’s used by the government to make sure people are who they say they are.
  2. I personally think that he is right. Because politics is what controls science and without science humanity can progress into the future. Science makes life easier, longer, healthier, etc. for humans. I makes it safer as well. And thanks to government funding science is making life even more safer, easier, longer, and healthier.

1 thought on “Next Celebrity Couple; Science and Politics?”

  1. I do agree with you that ‘Science makes life easier, longer, healthier, etc. for humans’ but for who? Political powers typlly help funding for science that ether back up there own beliefs or that help keep them from losing money. Scientific progress is because of humans and as humans we have bias in almost eveything we do. I do belive that science has helped the majority of humans with the help with goverment but the minority im sure would tell us a diffrent story if they could.

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