Natural Selection: Will it Ever be Proved?

  1. Charles Darwin’s argument of natural selection, although can’t be completely proved, has many great points that can be proof that natural selection may be right. Natural selection is a competition(Darwin 493) all animals and plants compete for territory and food. Also Darwin states that the same animals and plants can vary in different countries because of the different weather patterns and temperatures. The fact that the framework of the bones in the hand of a man, the wing of a bat, and the leg of a horse are the same(Darwin 499) means that structure of those bones are important to several animals and has made it through many evolutions. The same goes to the number of vertebrae in the neck of a giraffe and the neck of an elephant. If natural selection wasn’t at least a bit true then there would be no way to explain why both plants and animals evolve.
  2. I personally find natural selection to be very true, it explains in detail how evolution works and why it works the way it does. I find the bone framework in the hand, wing, and leg to be the most convincing because I can’t think of another way to explain why they are the same framework. I conclude that natural selection is a very truthful and Charles Darwin knows what he is talking about.

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  1. I agree with you that evolution can’t fully be proved because of how long these actions take. I agree with you that natural selection however, is one of the strongest arguments for the case of evolution. I agree, how could animals bone structures change over time to become more effective for the animal without evolution? It explains this perfectly and like you said, is the strongest argument for the evolution theory being correct.

  2. Hello,
    I think you made some good point and pull in Darwins article well. I think it is important to note that the ways he proves natural selection are much more than just outside features but genetics as well. I like that you compare the elephant and the giraffe because they are both different but survive well in their own way. Evolution is hard to prove, but I feel like it is easy to see. There are many strong arguments but yours is strong and makes the most sense for helping the theory be viewed as correct.

  3. I really like your use of Darwin’s explanation of similar bone structure between mammals. It really makes me think more about how it really strengthens the theory of natural selection. It really shows that if natural selection is true, (I believe it is) it shows that the current bone structure that makes up most mammals is the best and most refined structure possible due to other bone structures slowly dying off. Good job on explaining why this factor is the strongest of Darwin’s proposals.

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