Myth or Strategy?

The first revolution is the cognitive revolution. The cognitive revolution affected the development of human civilizations by allowing them to even create civilizations. The cognitive revolution gave the Homo Sapiens the ability to transmit large detailed quantities of information that allowed them to build relationships through trust. This ability to spread information also gave them the ability to work in concert with each other, thus making them a strong unified group.Once they became a strongly knit group they invented larger fictions that allowed many Homo Sapiens to believe and fight for the same cause.After the Cognitive revolution came the agricultural revolution, this revolution some what trapped the Homo Sapiens to a way of life. The agricultural revolution allowed the Homo Sapiens to create larger civilizations, more food equals a surplus in food, a surplus in food means more people who can eat food. The cycle began again and again increasing populations within these farming communities.

Harari claims Homo Sapiens became dominant through their ability to communicate large ideas and create fictions within their groups. These large fiction allowed them to cooperate among themselves, I agree and disagree with this assessment. I agree, in that if Homo Sapiens created a fiction to subscribe to they would have worked together very well and in unison in search of success; however, I also think that Homo Sapiens would not have needed such a thing to band together, I believe that the simple threat of death would have been enough to unite Homo Sapiens and make them the dominant power. I doubt the necessity of a larger fiction to create a strong bond in Homo Sapiens, I believe that gossip and detailed stratagem was all that was required to create dominant Homo Sapiens.