The cognitive revolution was a revolution of the intellectual sciences and the study of behaviorism. Harari believes that this is hard of the basis that helped shape what we call modern civilization today. This revolution was to study the behaviorism among people and how the mind works. This is where the word psychology really came to light. There were tests done and people studied as the test went on enlightening doctors in the psychology field on what was going on and allowing them to see what came out of the tests. On the other hand the agricultural revolution sparked the technological improvement of farm equipment and processing, making it able to do work a lot faster and produce more quantities at a time. The downfall was though that in the United States and in some parts of Europe small farmers were put out of business because they simply could not yield the same quantity of crop or spend the money to buy the equipment to do so.  However since then, quantities have grown and mass scale farming operations have improved able ing those who can profit from this able to do so.

Harari goes into to explain that one of the reasons humans have become so dominant instead of animals is because we can be powerful and in sync with each other able to work together and in unison, he says we are flexible. He goes on to explain that we are the only ones who can stay flexible and work together and that will keep us as the dominate life force of the planet. We have the advantage over everything because of the innovations in technology and economic means. Therefore I would have to agree with Harari on his point, I believe that we became dominant one because we are very strong together and we have advanced and are able to change in any sort of direction, when we encounter a problem. Many species cant do things as fast as we can and they have no where near the capacity of bodies working together to do it.