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The consequences of climate change will have effects far greater than we currently suspect. To ensure a bright future for ourselves and future generations, we have to take action. My freshman year, I interviewed Scott Powell, an environmental scientist professor at MSU. He studies carbon sequestration, one technological fix that has the potential to greatly reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. This is the most promising fix that I am aware of, because it seems to limit the unintended consequences that may arise. Aerosols which “suck” these gasses out of the air worry me because of how quickly they could spread across the globe. However, technological fixes will not simply solve the problem on their own. Our culture has to change, but to reduce waste and emissions our way of life is in jeopardy. I am optimistic for the future, because I trust that technology will allow us to continue living however we want, as it has been for the past couple hundred years.


Climate science is certainly not a new phenomenon according to Michael Reidy. Tyndall was conducting greenhouse experiments since the 1800s. He argued that a naturalistic explanations accounts for the workings of nature. While Reidy offers an important historical perspective, the articles from the IPCC backs it up with current numbers. It is definitely frustrating when people that are not versed in science argue with PhD scientists who have spent their whole life studying the environment and trying to preserve it. In my experience, those who are more educated regardless of discipline are more compassionate about the environment. This is a limited view though, as I only really have the opinions of people at MSU and in Bozeman. One argument I have heard is that “everything comes from nature, so what makes one thing more toxic than the other?” Arguments like this just can’t be backed up with numbers and studies, they are purely opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion in a free country, but we need to make sure those in power are interested in preserving the environment.

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  1. Using your own personal experience was a great idea it further enhances your claims taken straight from an expert. I found it made your blog even more interesting to read than it already is. It also brought in new information that I wasn’t aware of before making it very informative. I agree with your optimism of being able to eventually use technology to fix our problems with no repercussions. I do ask how long do you think it’ll take to reach that goal? I also found your claim of being more educated goes hand and hand with being more compassionate towards the environment. That’s an interesting way to think about it. I very much agree with making sure our elected leaders always keep our environment in mind when making decisions that may or may not have an impact on.

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