I Love This Journey For Me: Yes to the Anthropocene

If I were on the International Commission of Stratigraphy and I had to vote whether to adopt the Anthropocene, I would vote yes. Through humanity’s use of the earth’s fossil fuels, atmospheric carbon dioxide has risen significantly and the planet dramatically changed (Steffen, pg. 2 and Kolbert, pg. 1). I find it fitting the Anthropocene is called “the epoch of humanity”, as humans are the force behind the changing world (Malm, pg.1). I believe the Anthropocene epoch should start with the Industrial Revolution. The steep increase in the use of fossil fuels beginning with industrialization led to an increase in human involvement in earth systems, which made an impact on the global environment  (Steffen, pg. 4). I think the Anthropocene should be on the geological calendar beginning with the Industrial Revolution.

Kahan makes an interesting point that people view climate change based on their social peers. If the people you’re friends with believe in something (something polarizing like climate change) then you are likely to go along with their beliefs, so as not to be labeled as “other” (Kahan, pg.1).  If a society is culturally polarized, it’s hard to enact change. Whitlock and her group combated this in Montana by not using the phrase “climate change”, instead asking farmers and others about changes they’ve experienced. The group also talked to diverse groups of people to understand different viewpoints regarding climate change. I think one way of talking to people about climate change is relating it to their surroundings. It can be difficult for people to understand or talk about something that doesn’t directly “relate” to them. Climate change relates to everyone, but it’s not always seen that way. Relating to people in a way they understand and respond to is a good way to talk about climate change.

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  1. Hi Emily! I see we have some common ideas! You exactly mentioned Anthropocene as I did in my blog. I also consider that this epoch is extremely important due to human impact on the planet, and I also agree with your opinion about the beginning of it. The Industrial Revolution marked us with a before and an after with the influence of mining and the resources applied in this revolution.

    Regarding the second paragraph, following somebody’s idea of an environmental issue just for the sake is not very useful nor desirable for the climate change, as everybody is influenced by whatever a person says, not for their own thoughts. So I could not agree more with you in that aspect. Finally, I share your opinion about the possible solution that would facilitate farmers to know about climate change.

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