Hararis History

The cognitive and agricultural revolutions were the basis for human civilizations in a lot of ways. The cognitive revolution is the changing of humans brains from a possible mutation that resulted in different ways of thinking and the idea of learning. This shaped humanity obviously because it gave us a lot of basic things we have today that were once necessary for our survival. The agricultural revolution was the surplus of crops and the domestication of animals as a way tome around less and become more sedentary. These both affected human civilizations because they essential created what we are today. The cognitive revolution shaped our brains and the way we communicate, interact, and build societies. This was important to the development of life after. Agricultural revolution shaped how we treat crops and animals, and explains the basis for the way we live our lives today. It allowed us free time from trying to survive to develop written languages and do things outside of basic instinct.
When referring to imagined orders Harari states how necessary they are, and how they create a dynamic that allows human populations to agree on things and have mutual understandings without having to waste time and energy figuring out these things each time. This is important because the mutual understanding is the basis for our society and it allows us to be dominant using our imagined orders

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  1. You make many good points in your blog. It is really interesting to see how the agricultural revolution really shaped the hunter-gatherer culture, into a society with people exploring art and other various pastime activities. This was due to the sudden surplus of time many of these early societies had because crops didn’t need to be tended at all times like hunting would. That is why you see these cave paintings and pottery from these ancient civilizations.

  2. All your points are spot on and really well thought out. When you talk about how evolution allows us to not waste time and energy figuring out how to do something, it super interesting to think about how different we would be if these revolutions hadn’t occurred, great job!

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