Global Warming is Really Real

In my humble opinion the most important thing to keep in mind with global warming is that we are aware. Although there are people who believe global warming is a myth or that is is not an important issue; however, the majority of scientist believe it to not only be true but, a major issue. Using the facts we now know to be true and understand the scientist can help find a solution. Scientist now know how to measure the temperature now and can use these technologies to estimate or predict what the damage will be by twenty forty. I believe science is moving in the right direction but, the question is are they moving fast enough? By working with engineers, scientist can help develop technological advancements that are less damaging to the environment. This advancement is good and steadfast when not hindered. Much like any advancement it comes with conflict, global warming come with both political tension. There is a large portion of the population that does not believe global warming is real stating arguments like: “the weather is always changing”. Convincing people to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle is difficult when they are skeptical. So even with scientist and engineers working together and just for the sake of argument the people, it is still difficult. This is due to the difficulties placed by the precedence  set by the manufacturing and the marketing industry. These will we be the main causes of stifled growth.


I don’t believe these allegations could be even remotely considered to be true. There is scientific data backing up these discoveries for years. Global warming is absolutely real and with people who doubt this fact only make the issue worse. It is easier to pretend an issue is not real or that an issue is not a pressing problem than to actually make an effort to fix it. If people with suspicions would just read the numerous scientific journals, studies and books published on the topic proving global warming to be real naysayers would almost have to address the issue and realize it to be true. When placed with evidence the reader will either have to accept the data to be true or to continue to live in the dark on this issue only making it worse.

2 thoughts on “Global Warming is Really Real”

  1. I fully agree with everything you talk about regarding those who don’t believe that it is real or that is isn’t an issue. I really enjoyed your first paragraph as well, I could feel your opinion behind it and backing that with facts. Great post!

  2. Bryce Dawkins
    Hi Seamus, I really enjoyed your blog post, your facts were spot on, along with your concern with people believing the facts. I also agree with you on people not believing the truth. I don’t understand how people don’t agree, the facts are all around us, it is hotter and the seasons statistically are getting longer while our winters are getting warmer and the springs. People not understanding the severity of our human actions are the ones who could be the downfall of the world, ignore it for to long could lead to horrible affects for our daily lives.

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