Gene Editing Technique

From Marcy Darnovsky’s article, I will talk about the idea of genes and babies. On the one hand, it is said that these modifications in genes would firstly be focused on the treat of genetic problems. There are some cases in which some babies have different problems in their genes. This would make our offspring healthier and free from malignant and hereditary illnesses. On the other hand, however, in the article is arisen an important question: “How would we draw the distinction between a medical and enhancement purpose for germline modification?” (Darnovsky, 4). This means that, although we will be able to have access to this “solution machine” to get rid of the bad genes, how are we supposed to know if people want this tool to make their children healthier or to create perfect ones? If the latter, we would be creating just “machines” with the perfect components, what would not be ethical as there would not be any resemblance to their parents.

Personally speaking it is very hard to make a decision about gene editing. It is true that if we make “perfect” humans, there will not be any kind of diseases or any ill that can affect human being. However, there are some people who are not in favor of sharing their gens with their offspring: “Some heterosexual couples may hesitate to use this option because they want a child who is not just spared a deleterious gene in their lineage but is also genetically related to both of them.” (Darnovsky, 4). Another issue that may arise is that in the future, companies would be able to want only perfect people with no disease, instead of “imperfect”, more human, people; what can suppose an exclusion of this latter. So, for me, I could not make a decision.

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  1. The distiction that you make between gene editing for health of child and that of having the western ideal of a perfect baby is important when talking about CRISPR technology. I agree that we should be able to get rid of certain diseases that would only diminish the liklihood of having a healthy life. But, there many trivial ideals that can be edited but we shouldn’t, because we often overlook the contribution that each person has on one another. We would distinguish what live are meant to stay while keeping certain lives aren’t worth keeping. We should use gene editing to save lives not determine which lives are supposed to be saved!

  2. It is true that this is an incredibly difficult issue that have a strong stance on. Much of the arguments pro genetic engineerings surround diminishing harmful traits in animals including humans. The issue is, who decides what is a good trait and what is bad? Once we begin using this technology, there is no telling how it will really be used. Thanks for your thoughts here!

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