fix or trix?

According to Micheal Heusemann, technological manipulations can amount to zero sum gain at best. Society makes the mistake of believing that positive technological fixes come without cost. Douthwaite argues, and society make the mistake of believing that technological fixes come with a hidden cost that society fails so see. Johnston is on Douthwaite’s side in regards to some of the matter. Figure three states that technology works automatically in the bus graphic which is a technological fixe that solved a social problem. I think that Johnston and Douthwaite would have compelling debates and dialogues to further the findings if technological fixes are vital in solving social problems.

Technological fixes have a negative impact because they are bandaids on top of other technology. Bandaids fall off eventually, as do technological fixes in their own way. On the environmental side, I think there will always be a new problem within an environment leading it to be unfixable. Therefore, more and more technological fixes will be added to the system and some will stay and have a positive effect but other will fail and bring parts of the environment down with it. People are people, and in a society people will never agree. By trying to better our society with technological fixes is trying to make an unneeded structure. The structure of society has been created organically overtime. I don’t think these unintentional consequences should prevent us from using technology to try and better our environment but, I think society has evolved organically throughout our existence and will continue to sort it self out with little help from technological fixes.