Douthwaite makes a claim that social problems should be solved by means of technology, but Johnston and Huesemann may nitpick at his theory. Douthwaite is unsure entirely of technology and science being used to solve social problems, because human social problems aren’t based on hard facts. In opposition to this Johnston and Huesemann see exact mathematics and science as the best means to solve social problems, since they believe everything is based on solid predictable facts.

The main issue that I see with technological fixes to social issues is that social issues don’t have a singe answer that solves everything. All people are different and react differently to situations based on what they personally think, and no two people ever think the same. Technology can’t and shouldn’t be used to solve most issues, in my opinion, because it will not pick an answer that wont cause a fight. Also, technology just makes people weak and stupid anyways. Let people solve people problems and keep the “scientists” out of it. After all, most scientists only use technology to further their own goals with “facts” that don’t really exist int he world of the social studies.