Tech is it good or bad?

The authors that are discussing Tech and its use to fix the worlds problems are apparent. Jeff is adamant that science is the greatest and only solution to the problems that face the world. He backs his claims very well and he is well informed on his argument and does not make grand unbacked statements. The other authors are on the other side, they believe that evolution and time will solve all problems. While I agree with them, I think that they are wrong, this is because yes while earth has evolved, and survived. It has also allowed humanity to develop technology to help solve newer problems. All of the authors are well informed and their articles are well written.

The brothers have an excellent argument and they bring up very excellent points. Yes humanity can create greater problems with some “solutions”. But as a whole I disagree with them, Technology has proven to be beneficial and should never be stopped. Tech has always proven to better humanity and without it we would be without some of the greatest inventions ever like penicillin or the cure to polio. The benefits are  well worth the risks.