Evolutionary Origins

Darwin suffered from the same fate that many scientist of his era experienced. He presented a new theory to science that apparently lacked sufficient physical evidence. In order to overcome these obstacles, Darwin used his first hand observations to prove his new theory of natural selection. He argued that between common species are many variations. These variations can only be explained through his theory of natural selection. Darwin showed in detail how various animals of the same species can have many different characteristics needed to live in its individual environmental conditions. Darwin’s underline argument is that change occurs because of survival. Darwin states that, “Recent forms are generally looked at as being, in some vague sense, higher than ancient and extinct forms; and they are in so far higher as the later and more improved forms have conquered the older and less improve organic beings in the struggle for life” (Pg. 498)

Nature is in a constant state over the struggle for survival and this forces plants and animals to adapt. Through reproduction and thousands of years, species have grown and conquered other species in order to survive and become the plants and animals we see today.

I think this argument is incredibly compelling. It doesn’t have exact evidence to prove that animals change over such long periods of time but it does provide a compelling reason for the differences within a species. Another thin I found interesting was how Darwin sourced a Divine Creator for creating the first creature that formed into what is on earth today. This is a side of Darwin that I rarely learn about. This is another example of an early scientist that was able to blend science and religion into something that appears to work out quite well.