Don’t Worry Darwin, We Believe You Now

Darwin argues that he is unable to prove natural selection because of the imperfections of geology and past epochs. His theory is that the sediments have been deposited through time and that some species fossilizes and other don’t. Without geological evidence, Darwin argued evolution through natural selection using reproduction as an example. He states that offspring are not reproduced exactly like their parent form. He states that “ Variability is governed by many complex laws,–by correlation of growth, use and disuse, and by the direct action of the physical conditions of life”.(pg 492 ) He used other examples to prove variation through domestication and other geological factors such as changes in weather and climate.

I personally feel as if Darwin’s strongest piece of evidence is evolution through reproduction. Offspring tend to take on traits given from their parent. The species that reproduce are the ones that live the longest. The ones that can outrun pray, out live harsh environmental conditions, and are even more attractive to other species are the ones that reproduce. As time goes on, generations are born with the variations of surviving species. Also, species that are able to adapt extreme environmental conditions such as weather changes pass down their adaptation to their offspring. Thus proving my belief that evolution through natural selection is real.