Environmental Problems in the Bitterroot Valley

  1. Fires, forest deterioration, damage from introduced pest species, losses of soil or its nutrients, poor air quality, and effects of climate change are some of the problems that affect the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. The Bitterroot Valley has a very dry climate and has a very low rainfall every year. Because of the dry climate fires happen all summer long making the air quality very bad. Along with that climate change has been happening for centuries slowly changing how the Bitterroot Valley is environmentally.
  2. Personally I think that the Bitterroot Valley, and Montana in general, somewhat offers a good explanation for the World’s environmental problems because we don’t suffer from all the environmental problems that happens around the world. Yes, we suffer from fires, droughts, invasion of foreign pests, and overpopulation. But, we don’t deal with the devastation caused by hurricanes, tsunamis, and huge amounts of flooding. With the natural disasters we do suffer from, it does a great job of explaining the horrible aftermath and suffering of said environmental problems.