Darwin’s Evolution

  1. Darwin’s theory of evolution is one that most people, especially in scientific fields, believe to hold the most validity and fact based evidence. In his concluding paragraph in The Origin of Species, Darwin leaves the reader with a few lasting arguments that he hopes will convince skeptics. His first major argument in this chapter is that of sterilization of species when first crossed (Darwin, 484). Rendered useless by the environment, new generations sterilize traits that could either be ineffective or simply unnecessary. It is in this way that animals, plants, and humans morph into better versions for our status quo. His second argument is focused on variability, which is the most important argument. He states that nature is always ready to pick and choose which traits are most useful to certain beings (Darwin, 491). His argument about the need for self preservation and growth of species is also very convincing because it asserts that with competition, species will continue to gain traits that will help them gain power (Darwin, 492/493).
  2. I think that Darwin’s arguments are very educated and progressive. I agree with his arguments, especially the hierarchical power structure of the last argument. We can see this power struggle playing out on a social level, so it definitely makes sense that it would be present microscopically. This is his most convincing argument in my opinion because for animals to be dominant, they must always be changing and adapting to stay ahead. This affirms the idea of a food chain as well. His least convincing argument is that of sterilization because he discusses it very briefly in the section we were to read and what he does say is complex. In sum, I think that Darwin’s idea of species was so advanced and put together, which explains why scholars at the time would take heed towards the new ideals.

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  1. Hi Madelyn.
    As you mention, Darwin’s arguments are very educated, and it is hard to argue with him based on most people believing that his theory of evolution is the most validity and fact-based theory. I agree with you that one of his convincing arguments is that of hierarchical power structure. The environment varies, and the animals has to adapt to these changes to stay ahead and be dominant. Another convincing argument could also be that all living things have much in common, and this shows that all living things can trace their descent to a common ancestor, which shows that all life on Earth is connected.
    Great post!

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