Changing Ideas

Darwin uses some excellent arguments to attempt people of his theory of natural selection. One of the greatest examples in my opinion is where he talks about the geographical distribution where he goes into detail about how there is clear evidence about species can and do change when they are challenged or are exposed to different elements or natural challenges. (Darwin, 485) Another critical argument that he makes in my opinion would have to be where he calls out the human nature to be unwilling to accept the idea that one species can or could give birth to a completely different one. This argument form Darwin is fantastic because he not only had argued well in an earlier section about how there is geologic prof of evolution but he also talks about how it is in our nature to deny it as humans.

For the most convincing argument I will have to point to the second argument that I mentioned above. Humans are always willing to deny different ideas. In general, we as a species have denied many things. Form the theory of evolution to the simple idea that Earth is not the center of the universe. From personal experience, trying to convince someone that something that they have believed all their life was or is wrong can be nearly impossible. The fact that Darwin was able to convince so many people is astonishing. one has to applaud him for sticking to his guns.

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  1. Nice post. I found it interesting that his conclusion was in a large part a presentation of the gaps in his theory, but that the evidence he did have was more than enough for his theory to be taken seriously. Like you, I was taken with his argument that people would doubt him just because of our natural tendency to doubt new ideas, in essence our own failure to evolve. It is this kind of thinking that drives the denial of climate change. Even in instances where the evidence may have gaps in proof, as Darwin suggested, if instead of dwelling on the minutia of what we don’t know, we step back and look at the bigger picture of what we do know we can see the truth.

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