Chain of Events

According to Harari, the Cognitive Revolution is where Sapiens developed new ways of communicating and thinking (Harari, p. 21). With the Cognitive Revolution, Sapiens could be more social with each other and communicate complex thoughts. Sapiens could tell each other about local dangers, where food was, tell stories, and talk about each other. By being able to communicate in this way, Sapiens were able to work together in larger groups and able to accomplish common goals. Harari also says that the Agricultural Revolution is where Sapiens learned to domesticate animals and plants and how to harvest the plants in massive quantities (Harari, p. 77-83). The Agricultural Revolution allowed Sapiens to have a surplus of food. Having more available food throughout the year allowed Sapiens to increase their population size quicker. Having more people around allowed communities to grow and accomplish goals, such as expanding territories and harvesting more food.

Harari attributes fire has a key to the development of humanity today (Harari, p. 12). With the harnessing of fire, humans were able to cook their food and spend more time doing other things. With more free time, humans were able to develop technologies to help them progress. These technologies allowed humans to be able to hunt in bigger groups more effectively and hunt bigger animals. Being able to hunt and protect ourselves from bigger animals and predators does help humanity move from the middle to the top of the food chain. I feel like that this is the best explanation to how humans moved on top. Humans do not excel in physical capabilities without our technology. I feel like that technology saves humanity, but will be the downfall of it in the future.