The Biggest Revolutions of All Time!!

The Cognitive and Agricultural Revolution were huge.  According to Yuval Harari, “The Cognitive Revolution kick-started history about 70,000 years ago.  The Agricultural Revolution sped it up about 12,000 years ago” (Harari, np.).  The Cognitive Revolution was when Homo Sapiens developed abilities that relate to humans.  This included the ability to learn, remember, communicate, etc.  This was a very influential period because these were the building blocks for Sapiens becoming more intelligent.  As said above, the Cognitive Revolution started about 70,000 years ago which is when records show that Sapiens started doing unique and special things.  Around this time era they left Africa again to explore the unknown world.  During this time the Sapiens journeyed to all around the world including the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  Ultimately they drove the Neanderthals and any other trace of human species away.  This period was built on the Sapiens new ways of thinking and communicating.  The Agricultural Revolution was leap forward in tools and industry.  During this period Sapiens learned how to crop and grow much more.  Hunter-gatherers and tribes of people who went out to find food started to decrease rapidly and the population grew.  Sapiens also started domesticating animals much more and using them to an advantage.  Dogs were domesticated to hunt and guard people.  Cows and horses were big animals that were domesticated as well.

Every person is born into their own pre-existing imagined order.  Homo Sapiens became dominant in order to accomplish many goals that are built into our DNA.  This could also be thought of as social norms.  Fighting for the perfect female or male mate is a classic example of this.  This is exactly why Homo Sapiens became more dominant. Precisely to show their dominance towards others and show what they believe in.  I found this to be very believable and I understood it completely.  It is only natural to act strongly towards things that are natural for us.  Homo Sapiens were learning exactly what they have to do to stay alive and healthy.