Capitalistic Empire Strikes Back

1. According to Harari science, empire and capitalism are linked by the unification of humankind. Sapiens were working towards Globalization. With the creation of money, political order and a universal truth to liberate all beings from suffering I.E. (Buddhism) came the linkage to Globalization. Scientific discovery was shaped by humankind’s ignorance and the process towards unprecedented power. This in return creates the planet to become a historical arena with the europeans conquering the oceans and America. These events generate the rise of capitalism. Harari also discusses that during the scientific revolution humankind with its immense new powers invested its resources into scientific research (Harari P. 249). With government and economic power humankind was able to shape scientific discovery.       

2. Harari thought that until the Scientific Revolution human cultures didn’t believe in progress (Harari P. 264). I believe progress does play a pivotal role in the linkage of science, empire and capitalism. I somewhat agree with Harari but to believe that all human cultures up until that point in history didn’t believe in progress is uncertain. Many cultures believed in different things. Some of them were dependent on what their religion was and what they believed in. You can’t say that all cultures were the same who knows what happened back then.  


2 thoughts on “Capitalistic Empire Strikes Back”

  1. Hi Sage!

    I thought your opinion on Harari’s idea of progress linking science, empire and capitalism was really interesting. In my post, I had said that I agreed with Harari, progress made sense in bringing them together. After reading your post, I am leaning more with your idea that it is hard to prove progress didn’t exist or wasn’t believed in beforehand. I think it is important to realize progress was already happening long before the Scientific Revolution. It is what brought humans to the point they were at when the Scientific Revolution began. Sure, I can see how progress might have moved faster, but I think it was happening long before as well. I also though your answer to part one was spot on and super well put. Awesome post!

  2. Hello,
    I really liked your statement about the link between progress and the role it played in the Scientific Revolution. I found your opinion on the difference of believes towards progress interesting. It is easy to go along with Harari who says that we did not believe in progress before the revolution. Could evolution be considered unintentional progress? Before sapiens found believe in progress, we had already been progressing biologically for thousands of year. While in terms of science, maybe Harari is right. But when thought of in a grander scheme, we can begin to think differently. I also agree with the importance of the introduction of science into our culture and lives. And how the relationship between capitalism, empire, and science has not only allowed us to progress, but changed the entire world. Those three aspects of our world are hard to even imagine a life without.

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