Capitalism Flexing on Everything with Technology

People always wonder how modern society in Europe got so far ahead of everyone else. According to Harari’s answer it’s because of the combination of Capitalism and imperialism. It was also shaped by political interest. Throughout pages 275-277, Harari talks about how people were sent out to discover new lands. While they were doing that, they learned more about the start and hence how to navigate through the ocean. Therefore, they were able to be more expansive and expand the idea of capitalism. But being able to navigate better put Europe in competition with each other therefore giving Europe the advantage over countries such as the Americas and Africa. Since Conquistadors and other explorers were able to navigate they were able to s[red ideas of technology to there country’s benefit. Thus, they were able to make effective weapons, medicine and trade connections. So, another continent bights the dust in competition.

On page 250, Harari has a chart for Scientific development. And it says that the only way to exceed through scientific development is through power, research and resources. Meaning on order to feed scientific progress, you have to be powerful enough to do so (meaning enough food for your country and scientists for example) And in order to maintain that power, a country has to keep developing in research so the country can stay ahead of the curb. In conclusion, if a country and or nation doesn’t have development for there country to keep moving forward, they begin to lose power and therefore begin to move backward. So in order to keep in power, they need to be able to have enough resources to keep feeding the research which will keep feeding progress.