Scientific and Political Links

Science, empire, and capitalism are linked through research, or “mutual reinforcement” (Harari, pg. 250).  As one of the three concepts evolves, the other ones will follow with other smaller, or sometimes larger, breakthroughs. Science had a massive part in WWII with the creation of the atomic bomb. If you look at it from Harari’s perspective, you can see how politics were involved and urged this creation. Looking closer to our time, there are tons of ideas surrounding the military community that involves science such as Harari’s example of “spy flies” in other countries that can connect massive amounts of information without the other end having any idea. Putting these ideas together really makes me wonder about all the other sorts of military breakthroughs and how science and politics etc. have influenced them and vice versa.

Prior to the Scientific Revolution, human’s believed that the Earth was stagnant, or even deteriorating (Harari pg. 264). Most all religions believed that Messiah would come and end all hardships of the world, the idea of progress was asinine. Eventually, one small problem after another was being solved and people began to realize the importance of science in the world. I fully agree with his argument, as stated before, each part of the system has new breakthroughs, the others follow. Human history proves this and shows how true this is, without these discoveries, our societies wouldn’t evolve.