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Bryce Dawkins

Paragraph 1: The great Darwin speaks his truths on our evolution or on the evolution of organic beings in general. This chapter is very confusing, very tricky wording and he just slowly but surely gets to the point of evolution. One thing Darwin did touch on in the beginning of the text was the conversation of fertility and vigour. He stated that the vigour and fertility of all organic beings is slightly increased because the conditions of life have slightly changed. Darwin continues on in the beginning of the article to inform and claim that the climate changes and the geographical changes have been a result of evolution at some point in history. Climate change has caused some catastrophic events in history, Darwin points out the glacial period. Which could have then led to migration, and with migration we get the mingling of species and cross breeding. Throughout this article Darwin touches on many aspects of natural selection. I came across what is to me his most compelling argument is the interactions between humans and other species. He states that humans do not intentionally expose organic beings to new ways of life but rather does it unintentionally, Darwin compares this to our use of domesticated animals and plants saying that a man may subconsciously use one animal or plant more or protect them more because they provide a need for him. Another great example Darwin gives about natural selection is nature’s Struggle For Existence. In this paragraph he comments on how domestication could not have acted on nature how there are more people being born than can survive and that a grain in the balance will choose who lives and dies.

Paragraph 2: I found a lot of what Darwin was saying to be interesting, again it is hard to follow so I do get lost in the many gorgeous words he is using to get his point across. What I’m trying to say is that I’m trying to keep up. Natural selection is what we are focussing on but what he says about evolution is what really grabs my attention. He continues on in his article stating the facts about natural selection and how throughout the course of time things will get better, organism are the things he is referring to. He makes a comment where he states that as things progress in life they will reproduce and when they reproduce they will potentially or eventually in Darwin’s mind become a better more efficient form of there former original selves. And I can say I do believe this, well at least it does make some kind of sense. His claim makes sense and registers itself in my mind because organism reproducing is true and as Harari pointed it out, we have evolved from Homo Sapiens. That we are the late great relatives of these magnificent creatures. Darwin then continues on to let us know that these changes do not happen for no reason and that the changes do not seem random when it comes to certain species. Darwin stats that it is not random that upland geese who rarely ever swim are born with webbed feet, or that the logger-headed duck who can not fly but is in the same condition as our common duck today which can fly. I believe this cycle does not just happen for no reason but we as organism subconsciously make modifications to better ourselves for survival.  I clearly need some help with this next one so I will put it in my blog. Darwin makes a comment of independently created species and how if the one species has a certain color to it that it is strange that if the evolved form of the species does not have the same color to it. Again Im confused, so bare with me. If what I said is his true thinking and feelings towards evolution then I do not agree with him. Evolution makes things better more advanced even in the slightest way, evolution does not make things the same.

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  1. I’m glad I am not alone in my struggle to understand the chapter! Darwin definitely uses his most noble writing in this but also something we agree upon and I think is noteworthy to point out is how we see the connections to Harari and that helped me understand. Your point that we just subconsciously think about how to improve but do you think that is how we evolve? It is interesting to wonder what causes the actual gradual change. Good comments on the reading Bryce!

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