These inventions could change religion and governments in very diffrent ways but both with a negative outcomes for their side. Typically what we have seen in religion is a shift against the original belief. This is obviously a problem for religion because not only does the claims become false but it shifts their believers too. Progress and ” innovation… a new development that threatened the very existing order in a detrimental way” (Johnston, p. 221). “A new way of thinking about the system of life on the planet” (Johnston, p. 129) alao effects the government. Example coal, we know burning coal is bad for the planet but the goverment wants to continue to do so because it makes big money for many of the people in power. I understand going cold turkey isn’t good and we couldnt handle it but leaning off with our alternatives like solar power would be a great in my view great

I don’t believe johnston really brings anything new to the table in my eyes but on page 229 be dose list some problems that in twine social and political affairs.

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  1. I agree that science definitely has effects large impacts on religion. Religious text aren’t usually very scientifically accurate and that causes many to reflect on their beliefs. But the effects on our social belief seem more important. Hopefully the knowledge of the ways we are hurting out planet causes social change to make companies and governments to change their ways. Changes like that can’t happen until more people want and lobby for it. I think there are a lot of scientific discoveries that have yet to cause social change. I though Johnson put the idea of science disrupting governments into a very easy to understand way that made me think more about the impacts of science.

  2. I like how you mention religion being negatively effected by the development in technology. Over the past two hundred years, the question of evolution has been a more allowed and accepted answer for why earth started. That,s scary to religion and politics is because when they lose people, there power goes with them. People will begin to turn against religion searching for answers and then have a higher chance to turn against politics because it was founded on religion.

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