All living things have connection

“Natura no facit saltum”, in English; natural selection. This is the theory that Darwin couldn’t definitely prove was the answer to evolution. Darwin has arguments to convince this theory. One of them is that organisms produce more off-spring than can possible survive, and with limited resources there is a struggle for existence. Some die and others continue to reproduce. Offspring that vary in ways that give them an advantage in their environment will survive and reproduce more successfully than offspring that are less well-suited. He states: as each species increase in number and become more diversified in habits and structure, there will be a constant tendency in natural selection to preserve the most divergent offspring of any one species. (Darwin, 492) What he is arguing, is that not all groups succeed in increasing in size, so the more dominant groups beat the less dominant. He also argues that the offspring vary in their heritable traits. This means that each species increases in number and become more diverse, and the offspring will be different from generation to generation with color, size and shape. He finally mentions that all living things have much in common, in their chemical composition, cellular structure and laws or growth and reproduction which shows that living things all came from a singular infrastructure. (Darwin, 504).
It is hard to state which argument in favor of natural selection is the most convincing one, but I think the last argument I mentioned in paragraph 1 does a good job. By saying that all living things have much in common with cellular structure etc., he shows that all living things can trace their descent to a common ancestor, and this helps underlining natural selection that overall has two main points; all life on Earth is connected and that some traits were favored in the environment over others.

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  1. Hi Linnea!
    I agree with your opinion of the strongest argument. Looking at the structure of each organism is an easy way to trace back to common ancestors. Also, it is easy to believe when you can actually see just how similar individual species structures are compared to another. I also appreciate you mentioning how hard it is to choose the most convincing argument. Darwin’s lineup of evidence is so convincing as a whole. Another strong piece that you mentioned in your first paragraph is the carrying capacity for different populations. Not everything can survive in certain cases so it is only natural that the weak die young and don’t get to produce offspring. Great post!

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