Air Pumps & Electrical Machines

Government and religions should fear air pumps and electrical machines for the following reasons: these inventions play a role in the idea that humans are becoming more lazy and therefore dependent on machines to do their jobs, and the very simple reason of these inventions being new. It is also my belief that the government simply feared these new inventions due to the lack of control the government would have—meaning the average joe would have more “power” that an important official. After all, those who have power rarely feel comfortable giving it up. A quote from Johnson that seems describe this is, “a new way of thinking about the system of life on the planet” (Johnson, p. 129)

I believe Johnson touches on a few issues that are occurring today, but perhaps not in the same context. He does state a few examples on page 229, however. I do believe that he makes good points.


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  1. I would have to agree on your post, those in power rarely want to give it up (unless an overseeing authority is in place). Having the freedom that technology provides will probably become more and more complex as time goes on, playing into what you said is giving humans power and providing a means to become more “lazy”.

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