Air Pumps and Electrical Machines…Terrifying

Religions should fear air pumps and electrical machines because science challenges the very being of what religion is. Priestly wrote a book called The Corruptions, which was a book that was basically dozens of pages of Priestly trying to explain science without corrupting the idea of religion. The book states that if a person of faith reads the story it comes across as “a religious man forced to alter and reinvent his beliefs–and challenge the orthodoxies of the day–in the light of science and history, who was nonetheless determined to keep the core alive.” (Invention of Air, 172). The book also talks about people in history, such as Ben Franklin, who converted to atheism after becoming interested in science and finding the “plot holes” that don’t add up when it comes to religion.

1 thought on “Air Pumps and Electrical Machines…Terrifying”

  1. Carly-
    I like your post and I found it interesting that you said science challenges the very being of what religion is. I agree to some degree, and I mentioned that science does test the authority and power of government and religion because of its concrete findings. But, we talked about how science and religion are normally pitted against each other, when in reality, it doesn’t need to be that way, and it actually isn’t. I find that some of the time, science does test the accuracy of religion, but I also find that if someone truly is religious, they will bend science and believe what they wish. Science isn’t the real issue when it comes to belief systems, it’s the things that they believe. If a Christian truly believes that Jesus was the son of God and that he was born from a virgin and is also the Holy Ghost, then they will bend science to fit their beliefs. Just an observation.

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