A Capitalistic Empire Allows Science to Make a Stronger Capitalistic Empire

Science, empire, and capitalism are all linked because it is basically impossible to fund science without some sort of capitalism, and most capitalism comes from an empire. As stated by Harari “even if we wanted to finance pure science unaffected by political… it would probably be impossible” (Harari, 273). This quote backs up what I stated about them all being linked, as stated by Harari him self you cannot have science without money, and the best place to get money is through an empire (political) and the capitalism is what is important about the scientific study or research. An example of capitalism would be the professor Slughorn and Sprout example where they were both researching cattle, but Slughorn had the ability to make more money for the dairy industry, so he would be the one to get the capital funding.

I agree with Harari’s argument that all of this linkage has to do with progression, as empires become larger and the capital wealth is more “important” then the need for science is even more important to help get the money to grow even bigger. If and empire or private company is not making money on scientific research then they will not give the money to science to do their research to expand. All of this is just a cycle that with one piece of the link missing, there will be no progression, I think that the need for progression is what helps keep the links strong. This is due to the need to expand and improve everything about life, empire, and capitalism.