A Capitalist Empire Fueled by Science

Maxwell Alvord

September 23, 2018

With imperialism at the top of everyones mind it is not hard to find times where science was needed but also fueled this hunt. With sailors going near and far it was very common to see signs of scurvy and had killed 2 Million in three centuries. Luckily science had came through and saved the day when British Physician James Lind tested the sick to discover that citrus was the simple cure. The crucial detail that links empire and science to that of capitalism is growth. With population developing faster and more scientific and geographic discovery, capitalism is inevitable for those who find the ways to basically print money.

Harari says that progress is the groundbreaking concept in which capitalism, science, empire become linked. Not to be another person that just goes with the flow but Harari’s words ring true when it comes to the power of progress. With the world in a constant change it is not hard to link progress as a contributing factor. Without the progress made the imperial world could not have grown to be as large as it is today. Improvements in science are the leading reason in lowered morality rates. All of the statements above have allowed to world to engaged in a progressive economic style and grow capitalism.