You Can’t Be Serious

In the book The Technological fix: How People Use Technology To Create and Solve Problems the editor Lisa Rosner sites Timothy LeCain in the seventh chapter, LeCain hose an argument using the three main types of techno-fixes. The first of which being the transformational techno-fix, the second the relocation techno-fix and the third and final being the delaying techno-fix. These types of techno-fixes are used to argue that they in turn cause environmental damage.  Each in their own way causing some sort of environmental issue while trying to solve or fix some other problem. LeCain displays that these “techno-fixes” are rather contradictory, causing problems that could be bigger than the problem they were attempting to solve in the first place. LeCain held two cases studies, both took some environmental problem that had occurred and then LeCain identified the techno-fix to see if it was worth it to try and solve these problems. In the text there are numerous references to places where these techno-fixes took place and caused more damage than they prevented. One example would be the smokestack in Anaconda Montana, this smokestack was detrimental to the area surrounding it. Not only did the smoke pollute near by livestock and wildlife nearby but it also unleashed arsenic and other deadly chemicals into the air.


Copper and other mined minerals are essential. Not only do they play a major role in the manufacturing industry they also play major roles in the stock market and mining created thousands of jobs when it was at its peak. We know that mining is often times terrible for the environment; although, we now have technology to help develop more safe and environmentally friendly mining. It is absolutely impossible to expect to just stop mining as it is essential to manufacturing, development and construction. I wouldn’t even entertain this preposterous idea to up and quit mining; however, I would be willing to accept change if there was a reasonable substitute and if it did not sacrifice too much in the change. Mining is not good but with proper regulations mining is acceptable.