World Domination

Harari goes into detail about how history was kick-started with the cognitive revolution 70,000 years ago and later, the agricultural and scientific revolutions further progressed it. The agricultural revolution allowed early humans to take advantage of the resources around them and develop into a civilization rather than simply a hunter-gatherer group. This allowed people to have some amount of free time to do things such as making art or things like pottery. There is still evidence of these things today in places like ancient Babylonia where you can go and see these things in person. Then, much later, the Scientific revolution went underway and brought our species to about where we are today; in the Technological revolution.


Harari explains how Homo sapiens became dominant for a number of reasons. One such reason was due to the fact that they began expanding out from Africa and essentially began to conquer the world, (Harari 15). He makes some compelling arguments and others that sound a little bit far fetched. One such argument is when Harari talks about when Homo Sapiens go and begin farming wheat, (Harari 81). He talks about how cultivating crops was not what the early humans were made to be doing but I disagree. I believe that these Homo Sapiens were merely figuring out new and efficient methods of getting food, rather than the often dangerous hunter and gatherer lifestyle.