Will Mining Ever be Safe?

  1. Thanks to the complex pumping, ventilation, and cooling systems that mining engineers created miners could better survive and work in the harsh underground conditions. Once mining became a safer job than it was previously less and less fathers/husbands were dying and less family were becoming broke and homeless. Yet, all good things come with consequences. If any of the systems failed the results were disastrous. Death was inevitable and there would be lots of it.
  2. Before anyone decides to be in the mining workforce they should always research the dangers of working within the mine and outside of it as well. They should know the health risks of the time while working in the mines and the long term problems from working inside. I think mining will never be completely safe for humans to work in and out of, there will always be some sort of risk just like at any job. I think it doesn’t technically need to be completely safe just because it never will be.