Where Douthwaite states that technological fixes are necessary to solve social problems, Johnston believes that technological fixes can fix anything, which I believe coincides a little b it with Douthwaite so I believe they would work well together exploring those options. However Huesemann states that we have no idea what could happen with technology trying to fix social problems, so I believe that he would therefore not work with Douthwaite because he would not be able to commit because he weighs it as it could go either way. He is basically saying that based off of how things in the past have gone it could go very negative or very positive but they cant be sure which way so therefore we need to resolve instead of use temporary fixes. Douthwaite states that technological fixes are necessary and I agree with him because, we do not have the resources to resolve the social problems we face as a nation and as a country. We must use these fixes in the time being to be able to work towards a solution.

See though this is where the downfall is against what Douthwaite is saying, we have seen in the past that temporary fixes can get us into a lot of problems, because we forget or the care to fix the problem is simply gone. This leads to decay and brokenness for whatever the problem is. I mean look at Detroit for an example, they are trying desperately to fix the socio economic problem with the poverty and the city, which used to be where the industrial revolution started, but now ask a Detroit resident they would say the city has been gone for years, and it has no hope of coming back, it has been laid to waste, forgotten, seen by the people and the government but a blind eye turned. Since we have been living so far with unintended consequences to technological solutions I think it would be a horrible idea to stop the use of technological ideas for solutions. I believe that we need temporary fixes and things to help us get by and reform things.