What We Do Counts

I do believe we should include the Anthropocene epoch within our geologic time scale. There is no doubt the activity of humans has altered or impacted the environment and climate. It only makes sense that since everything else impacting the planet are included, humans are no exception. It would seem pretty biased for us not to include it just because some of us deny having any involvement with how the world has adapted. It should be implemented around the time where humans began to industrialize. With the industrial revolution came the creation of emissions. From here on the environment suffered, hence the dramatic impact humans brought upon the earth.


The troubles that stem from the need to fit in with peers stem from the immediate dismissal of needing to learn something about climate change on your own. It leaves people asking no questions whatsoever. This can be very counterproductive in the sense that failure to ask your own question can lead to ignorance about the topic in other areas. This can also lead to the spread of possibly wrong information. Then you got a number of misinformed people arguing against the people with all the facts and no way to convince them. Dr. Whitlock approaches this by establishing a basic understanding of climate change to try and get everybody on the same page. A sort of a starting off point. I believe that we should start from scratch, and try from the beginning with sort of a course/class, to encourage new thought and expression of ideas based off of the taught information.