we’re really warm

In todays world the political battles seem to burn more intensely than the nastiest forest fire in history and a hot topic as of late that has disrupted people more than the usually 24 hour new cycle is the dilemma with global warning. With the opposing view always getting more attention it is easy to feel like our world is full of idiots and the rest of us are screwed. But before you start making survival shelters and storing food for the apocalypse its important too understand that the majority of scientists are depending on us to expand the truth unto the rest of the world. Today our scientists can record and calculate patterns regarding the change of temperature and the climate. We are behind in the race to save the world, with global indecisiveness we are forced to rush and work endless hours, the most effective work currently is being done by a mixture of scientist and their close relatives the engineers. Although as we try to progress with our own scientific remedies, a large portion ion the world likes to dismiss global warming and claim that this change in wether is only natural. Other than ignorance or lack of information the rest of the people against the idea that the world has heated up are locked in a fierce battle with politics. These obstacles stated above are the biggest thing blocking the path and potentially blocking more funding into slave our planet.

The accusations being made about climate science being too young or early to use is completely ridiculous. To argue against the years of data that as been discovered and recently deciphered to understand the changes in our atmosphere is obviously idiotic from the majority perspective. To fully understand I believe we must try to understand the opposing viewpoint. To best make sense of this thought process I think about the cholera outbreak in London in 1854, one scientist came up with the theory that the disease was pasted through the air and everyone else was on board. It wasn’t till a preacher and another scientist grouped up to find out it was waterborne. The problem will not change until there is a complete paradigm in scientific facts on climate change that prove to be so obvious that anyone that disagrees will be socially outcasted.