“Welp, We’re Boned.”-Bender Bending Rodriguez

There are examples of techno-fixes that address parts of climate change throughout the era proceeding the Industrial Era, like the many techno-fixes used for mining purposes in Butte, Montana. Solar panels that are manufactured today also address climate change because the panels can convert sunlight, which is very abundant and renewable, into power. New technology that prevents individual carbon emissions, like electric vehicles, are becoming more efficient is helping cut down on global carbon emissions. Tesla vehicles are extremely well built and energy efficient vehicles and are now being manufactured as semi-trucks across the United States and world. Tesla is paving a new path in terms of energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions because the more popular the Tesla cars and semi-trucks that are in use ensures the reducing of the global need for fossil fuels like gasoline to propel a vehicle. Tesla is just one example of efficient ways to reduce carbon emissions and climate change, but many other techno-fixes will need to be used, like carbon removal despite the hazards, in order to stop drastic changes to the global ecosystem.

The statement that climate science is too young does not stand true because John Tyndall had been writing about the effects of greenhouse gases on the natural environment since the mid-19th Century. (Reidy, 12-14). People have had to notice the effects on the environment over each individual’s lifetime. I am only twenty-two years old and the past few summers have been, without hesitation, the hottest summers I have witnessed, at least living in Montana. After reading these articles, the human effect on climate change is likely to worsen unless immediate change is made, and hopefully those changes can be made without anyone being worried about losing money.