Week 7- Mining

All these technological advances definitely furthered the ability to miner deeper metals, there is still the challenge because of the pure complexity of mining in general but also the difficulty of dangerous places. With the new machinery, there is also a big change to have the machines or ventilation systems fail or break during the process. Along with consequences that can happen during the mining process, there are also environmental consequences that come from the development of mining technology, such as

With anything that has new discoveries to better it, there will be consequences and hardships that come along with the good. Sometimes the issues can be addressed before but usually they don’t come until after and its hard to detect them beforehand. When a problem arises, the best way to fix it, is to evaluate all the aspects of it and change things accordingly (LeCain, pg. 43).

Mining is very dangerous and in my opinion, always will be. There will always be efforts to make it safer and better and there already is a lot of options to make it that way but its just like anything else and there will always be risk that comes along with it. There is also the long term effect that comes from toxic by-products like heavy metals or even chemicals, like cyanide (Sandlos and Keeling). Really, no matter how far we advance our technology, there will always be the dangerous risk factor, that can, in some ways be solved, but we will never be able to remove the toxic by-products that are created within our earth.