week 11

Darwin argues that “all life on earth is connected and related to each other” and also that “modifications of populations by natural selection, where some traits were favored over others.” He backs these up with a lot of evidence throughout this chapter, first by going in depth about fertility and reproduction and backing that by saying “descendants of each species will be able to increase by so much the more as they become more diversified in habits and structure,” and “there will be constant tendency in natural selection to preserve the most divergent offspring.” Along with these, he also explains how distribution greatly affects and affected national selection and evolution. Along with the ideas about outside factors, Darwin also developed the idea of “modern evolutionary synthesis” as how genes play a huge role in all evolutionary processes. Lastly, a very important factor in his proof of evolution is “geology plainly declares that all species have changed,” “slowly and in a graduated manner.” He backs this up with in depth discussion of fossils.

I think that all of his arguments are very convincing because he backs everything up with scientific details and elaborate examples as to why they make sense. Darwin’s findings have said to be “the most important idea to occur to a human mind,” and that statement purely shows how important Darwin was for science during and long after his time. Personally, the most interesting and easiest to agree with is the facts regarding geology. There is hard proof on our earth of previous organisms and how they have changed over time.